God of War - Alfheim Collectible Locations (2023)

Alfheimcontains28 Collectible Locations in God of War (2018, PS4).This walkthrough will guide you to all the collectibles inAlfheim Regioninchronological order. Everything that’s needed for trophies and 100% completion is included. Nothing is missable, everything can be collected after the story.

  • Mystic Gateways: 1
  • Valkyries: 1
  • Shops: 2
  • Odin’s Ravens: 2
  • Realm Tear Encounters: 2
  • Lore Markers: 2
  • Artefacts: 6
  • Legendary Chests: 5
  • Nornir Chests: 4
  • Purple Language Cipher Chests (not tracked): 1
  • Jötnar Shrines (Groa, not tracked): 1

When you first visit the area in the story, you are stillmissing the unlockable skills needed to reach some collectibles (blue arrows of light in particular). It’s recommended that you circle back after completing this area, by then you will have the required skills unlocked. On your first visit, some paths described here will be unavailable because they only open up after having finished this region.

Video Guide

God of War - Alfheim Collectible Locations (2)

#1 – Lore Marker 1/2 – 0:05
Exit Brok’s Shop and it will be on the main path, on the right side on a rock (the nice-looking road with statues on either side). That’s the starting area of Alfheim.

#2 – Purple Language Cipher Chest 1/1 – 0:35
Still in the starting area, at the end of the first road turn right. Behind a corner is the purple chest. A very short walk from the last collectible.

#3 – Shop 1/2 – 1:01
Sindri’s Shop is in plain sight after the last collectible, by the water where your boat awaits.

Right Island – We are now moving on to the central lake. Get in your boat and proceed until you get to a big lake with a circular structure in the distance that has a beam of light shooting into the sky. There are two islands in this lake, one on the right, one on the left. We’re going to the right side first (on the right side from where you come).

#4 – Nornir Chest 1/4 (Health Upgrade) – 1:21
Get in the boat and row all the way until you get to the main lake where you can see a circular structure with a beam of light shooting up in the sky. Here you must go to the far right side of the lake and dock at a hidden island. It’s the only island you can dock at, on the right side of the lake, so should be easy enough to locate. The Nornir chest is at the end of the island after using a lever to open a gate. To open this chest you must listen which of the targets around it make a “gong” sound. They aren’t marked with runes like usual. Some make a sound and some don’t. Hit the three that make a sound in quick succession.

(Video) God of War - Alfheim All Collectible Locations (Ravens, Chests, Artefacts, Shrines) - 100%

#5 – Realm Tear Encounter 1/2 – 2:32
Still on the same island, backtrack a little bit and open the 2nd gate (there’s only the one you came from and another leading to a plateau overlooking the lake). To open this gate, throw the axeat the glowing pink vegetation, use the lever, press God of War - Alfheim Collectible Locations (3) to retrieve the axe so it hits the pink vegetation on the way back to you. Then the gate will raise. Quickly shoot the other pink vegetation at the top of the gate. You must do this in quick succession before the gate is being lowered again. Behind it awaits the Realm Tear and also the next Artefact.

#6 – Artefact 1/6 – 3:12
Just after the last collectible(realm tear), keep following the path to the end. There you will see more of the pink glowing vegetation (3 total). Line up the glowing dots and throw the axe at them. You must hit all 3 simultaneously. Then the vegetation goes away, thus leaving behind an artefact.

#7 – Legendary Chest 1/5 – 3:42
Same place as the artefact. Now that you got rid of the pink vegetation, a secret tunnel will be revealed on the side of the island, by the beach (where the 3 glowing pink dots of vegetation used to be). Enter that tunnel. It leads to a little cave with a legendary chest, but once again it’s behind some vegetation. Turn the wheel at the back of the room, then wait for the 3 glowing dots to line up and throw the axe at them, so they all 3 are being destroyed at the same time.

Left Island – Get back in your boat. We’re now moving on to the island on the left side of the lake.

#8 – Raven 1/2 – 4:31
Row your boat to the opposite side of the lake. There’s another hidden island, on the far left. Dock your boat at its sandy beach. Then turn around to find the raven on a “statue” of light. The “statue” looks like an elven shape, made out of blue light, on top of a pedestal. The raven may be a bit hard to spot as it doesn’t make a sound and blends in with the bright light.

#9 – Realm Tear Encounter 2/2 – 5:14
On the left side of the beach there’s a room with 3 blue crystals on the floor. Have Atreus shoot them with blue elven arrows. If this is your first visit to the region you must come back later as you don’t have them yet.

#10 – Artefact 2/6 – 5:40
On the right side of the beach by a corpse.

#11 – Legendary Chest 2/5 – 5:55
On the far right side of the beach, past a tunnel.

#12 – Hidden Chamber 1/1 – 6:20
Still on the same island, but this time take the path in the middle.

(Video) Alfheim - Lake of Light All Collectible Locations Guide (God of War 2018)

#13 – Mystic Gateway 1/1 – 6:43
Inside hidden chamber.

#14 – Raven 2/2 – 7:11
Inside hidden chamber, on the left side of the room with the Valkyrie in it.

#15 – Valkyrie 1/1 – 7:31
Inside hidden chamber.

Main Story Path (Underground) – We’re now heading to a new area. Backtrack to the center of the lake. There’s a platform where you can dock your boat. On it is a sand bowl. Have Atreus interact with it (press God of War - Alfheim Collectible Locations (4) ). This triggers an elevator that takes you down below. This is our next collectible-search area (the main story path).

#16 – Legendary Chest 3/5 – 8:16
Take the path described in the bold text above. After taking the elevator, it’s in one of the chambers behind the elevator. You can see the golden chest shining through a metal gate. To actually open the gate you must get rid of the pink glowing vegetation. Circle around the right side of the chamber. Then throw the axe at the pink glowing vegetation by the chest, but leave it there. Move back to the metal gate and stand in front of the 2nd pink glowing vegetation. Now retrieve the axe and on its way back to you, it should hit both of the pink glowing plants. Then the gate opens. The axe is not super accurate when it comes flying back to you so it may take a few tries.

#17 – Nornir Chest 2/4 (Health Upgrade) – 9:36
Just after the last location, on the main story path. You’ll have to walk past it to advance further in the area. As usual, you must destroy 3 runes to open it. There’s a big wheel you can use to raise and lower a platform. For the first rune, lower the platform all the way down. Then throw the axe at the cog to freeze it so the platform stays in place when you let go of the wheel. The first rune is found behind you, after lowering & freezing the platform. For rune 2 & 3, raise the platform to the top again. This time, only turn the wheel twice to lower the platform and you should already see a blue rune showing up in the distance, straight in front (but below) you. Throw the axe again at the cog to freeze the platform (remember, only 2 clicks with the big wheel!). Then drop down and you can find both runes. Simply punch them, then retrieve the axe to get back up to the Nornir chest.

#18 – Artefact 3/6 – 10:58
Again, use the wheel next to the Nornir chest to get to the lower level. The artefact is foundon the lower level in a backroom.

#19 – Artefact 4/6 11:32
Backtrack to the Nornir Chest. Now go over the bridge of light. It’ll be there after you’ve advanced through the Alfheim story quest. So if you don’t see a bridge of light, just follow the main objectives until you come back to the area. After running from the Nornir Chest over the bridge of light, the artefact is found in a room on the right.

#20 – Artefact 5/6 – 12:20
Still same area, but this time go through the door in the middle. It leads to an elevator with a blue crystal in it. The artefact is to the left of that blue elevator.

(Video) God Of War Ragnarok Alfheim All Collectibles Guide - All Ravens, Chests, Favours, Artefacts etc

#21 – Legendary Chest 4/5 – 12:52
Follow the path to the right side of the aforementioned elevator and the chest is in plain sight.

#22 – Artefact 6/6 – 13:16
Same area as the legendary chest, at the end of the path, at a dead end.

Back Outside, the Lake Area – We’re now heading back outside via the blue light-crystal elevator.

#23 – Jötnar Shrine (Groa) 1/1 – 13:30
From the last collectible, backtrack a few meters to the elevator with a blue crystal. Use the elevator. It will lead you back outside to thelake area. Advance to the circular structure that has a beam of light shooting out of it. On the right side of it is Sindri’s Shop. Next to his shop is the Shrine (this one is called “Groa”).

#24 – Shop 2/2 – 14:37
Next to the shrine.

#25 – Nornir Chest 3/4 (Rage Upgrade) – 14:46
Opposite side of Sindri’s Shop, on the other end of the area. Before entering Freya’s temple! There’s a door blocked by pink glowing vegetation. Line up the pink dots and throw the axe to destroy them simultaneously. Behind the door is the chest. To open it, hit the 3 runes in the area in quick succession (two in front of the door, one right behind the chest).

Freya’s Temple – We’re now entering the huge temple that has a beam of light shooting out in the sky

#26 – Nornir Chest 4/4 (Rage Upgrade) – 15:49
If this is your first visit, you must complete the temple area first and then go back inside. This description assumes you have beaten the quest already. Once you’ve gone through the main gate to Freya’s Temple (which is unlocked after beating the main quest in the area), go put the blue light crystal in the spot straight ahead of the gate (not the one to the side of it). Have Atreus shoot the crystal with blue arrows. This creates a bridge of light upstairs (climb the stones on the side). There’s a Nornir chest up there. You must hit 3 runes in quick succession. Stand in front of the chest. One rune to the left, one in the middle (above chest), one to the right.

#27 – Lore Marker 2/2 – 17:07
Gopick up the blue crystal of light again and carry it all the way down the stairs. There you can place it before the lore marker and have Atreus shoot blue arrows at it. Now Atreus can read the lore.

(Video) God of War Ragnarök - ALFHEIM 100% Guide (ALL Collectible Locations)

#28 – Legendary Chest 5/5 – 17:56
Just next to the Lore Marker.

That’s 100% of the collectibles you can find inAlfheimarea in God of War.

Next Up: Helheim

For more Collectible Guides, check out the completeGod of War2018 Collectibles Guide.

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